24 January 2022

Bechichi (Becici), Montenegro - city or destination map


Bechichi (Becici)

Becici is a small resort town in Montenegro with a selection of good quality hotels. It is located south-east of Budva, and has 771 permanent residents (2003 census). There are wide variety of watersport- and other sporting facilities in Becici. The exceptional beauty of the long, sandy beach in Becici, Montenegro earned it honors as one of the finest beaches in Europe (Grand Prix, Paris) in 1935. Free oline map of Bechichi (Becici) city with streets will help you to plan a trip to Bechichi (Becici). Also it will help you find hotel, apartment, lodge, villa, cotage and house or accommodation of your choice in Bechichi (Becici). Full map - Bechichi (Becici)  >>>>>>>

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