24 January 2022

Fethiye, Turkey - city or destination map



Fethiye rests on a broad Mediterranean bay boasting some of Turkey"s best beaches and yachting. Located in the picturesque south-western Dalaman Region in Turkey, Fethiye holidays are warm, beautiful and Family friendly. Fethiye weather is typical of Dalaman weather and Turkish weather in general, with peak season temperatures averaging at a scorching 30 to 35 degrees Celsius with very little rainfall in the summer months. Plenty of hotels provide a place to stay, and Dalaman Airport makes access fairly easy. Whatever you are looking for, Fethiye Hotels are sure to cater for your needs. Restaurants in Fethiye mainly offer Greek cuisine, but there is plenty of variety here too, with food to suit even the fussiest of eaters never far away. Free oline map of Fethiye city with streets will help you to plan a trip to Fethiye. Also it will help you find hotel, apartment, lodge, villa, cotage and house or accommodation of your choice in Fethiye. Full map - Fethiye  >>>>>>>

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