27 January 2022

Bansko, Bulgaria - city or destination map



Bansko is a town and ski resort in southwestern Bulgaria, located at the foot of Pirin at an altitude of 925 m above sea level. It is considered to be the most developed Ski and Winter Resort in Eastern Europe. It is famous for its distinctive architecture, original storey stone houses, iconography, schools and numerous hotels in Bansko and pubs. It appeared in X-XI century as a result of grouping Bansko neighborhoods on the foundations of an ancient Thracian settlement. Free oline map of Bansko city with streets will help you to plan a trip to Bansko. Also it will help you find hotel, apartment, lodge, villa, cotage and house or accommodation of your choice in Bansko. Full map - Bansko  >>>>>>>

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 Bansko - online map of town. Bansko.
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