24 January 2022

Mukachevo, Ukraine - city or destination map



Mukacheve or Mukachevo - is a city located in the valley of the Liatorytsia river in the Zakarpattia Oblast (province), in southwestern Ukraine. Mukachevo is an important industrial and cultural center of the region. Mukachevo is the second largest and economically developed city in the oblast after its administrative center Uzhgorod. The city is located in the central part of Zakarpattia oblast, 42 km from the regional center. The city is crossed by railways: Moscow-Kiev-Budapest-Belgrade-Rome and Moscow-Kiev-Bratislava-Prague-Vienna as well as by highways: Kiev-Budapest-Vienna and Kiev-Prague. Free oline map of Mukachevo city with streets will help you to plan a trip to Mukachevo. Also it will help you find hotel, apartment, lodge, villa, cotage and house or accommodation of your choice in Mukachevo. Full map - Mukachevo  >>>>>>>

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